Expedient response. 

Non-biased, fact-based origin & cause determinations.

Fire and Explosion Origin and Cause Analysis and Investigation

Fire scene services include a detailed loss site examination.  The property examination involves thorough detailed documentation about sustained damage as it relates to the investigation.  Information gathering is essential beyond the scene to obtain all information that may be related to an incident.

Anderson Investigations can make the necessary contacts with Police Departments, Fire Departments, and local, county and state agencies to obtain property, incident, and witness documentation.

All investigations and analyses are conducted following NFPA 921 and using the scientific method.


Consultation Services

We provide assistance with litigation preparation and other consulting needs for attorneys and insurance companies. Consultation beyond the fire scene to evaluate the results of an investigation is another vital element. Further information gathering beyond the scene will provide customers with additional information needed to complete their loss evaluation.

Anderson Investigations provides third party fire scene evaluation. We review and critique fire investigation work done by outside firms to ensure that the correct conclusions were reached and that appropriate methodologies were used.

Our staff can assist with trial preparation and deliver expert testimony in deposition, arbitration and trials.



With all the changes in the insurance industry, and new personnel being introduced, a base knowledge and understanding of fire and its properties is essential.

At Anderson Investigations, our highly trained investigators and staff have been involved in the education of adjusters, attorneys and investigators through on-site classes as well as lectures and seminar instruction.